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Is Mindfulness Gobbledygook or a Path to Authentic Living?

  Some of the most stressful situations are ones with no clear solutions. When stress is chronic, we often turn towards judging, criticizing, and blaming.  We make attempts enhance or numb our experiences to avoid the pain.   Many of us turn to things like  food, drugs, alcohol, internet, television, video games, or just fill in the blank with your habit.  What is your go to strategy?  Think of the times you didn't want to face a situation. Maybe an unexpected bill, a conflict at work, or the loss of a loved one had you mindlessly eating a bag of potato chips in front of the TV or drinking in excess. We develop avoidance strategies like these because we don’t want feel unpleasant.  While we aim to be...


Why is intention important? Really?

This questions could be answered so many different ways and many of us have different answers based on our circumstances and life experiences.  However, I believe that there are essential ways of paying attention that can allow us to experience the richness and beauty of life.  One practice that has significant value to me is remembering to have gratitude. As I was driving today, I was reminded  of a moment that I shared with my four year old son Carter.   We admired the beauty of a sunrise.  Reminding Carter that being grateful is important, reminds me to have gratitude. It is hard to remember what’s important when we are faced with stress, pain, illness or loss.  When you are under stress how do you respond?  Many of...

What you won’t hear about during halftime at the Superbowl

According to the Centers for Disease Control approximately 90 percent of doctors’ visits are stress related. Stress comes from all areas of life: home, work, school, community, medical conditions, and relationships. We are often contemplating the next tasks on our endless to-do lists, anticipating scenarios in our minds that have yet to occur, and revisiting past events, resulting in a cycle that can be difficult to manage and may feel overwhelming.  While it is normal for our minds to wander into the past and future, this kind of mental gymnastics itself generates even more stress! As the scientific community understands more about the surprising impact of stress on our health, stress management has increasingly become an important focus of studies and research. As a consequence, recent...