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#47: Becoming More Resilient and Developing a Positive Mindset

This episode explores three ways to reduce stress that will help you become more resilient and develop a positive mindset.  I will cover the power of finding joy in movement, shaking meditation, as well as how to bring more mindful attention and focus to what we're able to control in our lives. Following this brief talk, there will be a guided meditation. Upcoming Online Class Mindfulness Intro - Being Mindful Together starting August 6th @ 6:30pm.  To learn more and or register visit  If you are in North Carolina and would like to learn more about counseling (all sessions are teletherapy for now) or 1:1 meditation click on the links that follow: Counseling or 1:1 Meditation I have a two-part Mindfulness for Beginner series on Simple Habit...