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#41: Calming Fear and Anxiety with Meditation

This episode explores the use of a concentration meditation called soft belly. With this meditation, you breathe in slowly and deeply through the nose and exhale through your mouth. As you exhale, allow your belly to soften and relax. Breathing in this way may be comfortable at first or you may find it to be unfamiliar. Practicing this meditation regularly will make breathing in this way feel more natural. This meditation can help you feel more relaxed and quiet down your thinking. 70-80% of people find benefits the first time, even when they are going through loss or major illness or traumatic event. Practicing for just 10 mins will help your body relax, slow your heart rate and many find an improvement with sleep,...

#39: Calming Anxiety with Meditation

. Anxiety is the most common mental illness in the U.S. affecting about 40 million Americans.  While there are many effective treatments for anxiety, only about 36% of those with anxiety actually seek treatment.  While there are many approaches to help manage anxiety, this episodes explores how meditation can help you calm anxiety.  Jude shares a personal story about how meditation helped him calm down in the midst of a recent moment of panic.  This episode also includes a guided meditation. While meditation can be very helpful in managing anxiety, sometimes we need direct support.  If you are in the Charlotte area and would like to learn more about counseling or 1:1 meditation click on the links that follow: Counseling or 1:1 Meditation I recently released...