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#37: Finding Peace in the Midst of Stress

A Keen Mind / Podcast  / #37: Finding Peace in the Midst of Stress

#37: Finding Peace in the Midst of Stress

 This episode is going to explore how we can stay mindful in the midst of stress.  You’ll learn effective strategies that will help respond to stress instead of being emotionally reactive.  Some of the skills included will be grounding techniques, walking meditation, self soothing and mindful observation.  These skills can be used to help calm the body and mind when stress has become overwhelming.  Connect with me on Facebook or Instagram where you will find inspiring posts about mindfulness and meditation.

I will be providing Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction this Fall through the Charlotte Center for Mindfulness and the orientation will be on September 9th at 630pm.  To learn more follow the link MBSR ORIENTATION

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