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4-Week Mindfulness & Stress Reduction Course

Date: April 9th at 6:45pm-8:00pm (Orientation)

Location:  Elemental Healing Charlotte located at 5200 Park Road, Charlotte, NC.  

Class Schedule: 4-week Mindfulness & Stress Reduction

Cycle 1: April 23rd-May 14th 645p-845p: Retreat June 1st 10a-4p

Cycle 2: May 21st-June 11th 645p-845p Retreat June 1st 10a-4

April 9th is an orientation session where you will learn about the benefits of mindfulness-meditation and to participate in a guided meditation. You will have an opportunity to ask questions about mindfulness, meditation and the 4-week Mindfulness & Stress Reduction course.

The Mindfulness and Stress Reduction course is designed to give you the foundational tools to reduce stress and develop a mindfulness meditation practice.  This course provides many of the core components of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) without having to commit to an 8 week class.  

Course includes:

  • 4 weekly sessions (8 hours of instruction/guided practices)
  • All-Day Retreat 6 hours of instruction/guided practices) 
  • Weekly emails with home practices
  • MP3 Guided Meditations that are yours to keep
  • Additional support by phone, email or text to work with challenges
  • Many of the core components founds in the Road Map to MBSR below will be covered in the 4-week course.

To get a sense and feel my style of teaching and to participate in a guided meditation, please listen to my podcast below.

Road Map to Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)

Week 1: A road map of the course will be provided to provide context for the MBSR experience.  You will learn about mind-body medicine and participate in mindful eating, mindful breathing and the body scan meditation.

Week 2: With stress and mindfulness, our perception is the key to how we respond.  Our perception determines how we see thing or don’t see them.  In this class you will explore your assumptions and how  your perceive the world.  You learn how to use the body-scan practice to deepen your awareness of how you react to stressful situations.  Changing the way you respond and perceive challenges will alter the short- and long-term effects of stress on your body and mind. 

Week 3: In this class you will practice mindful hatha yoga, sitting meditation, and walking meditation.  You will explore insights and challenges with formal meditation practice and applying mindfulness to daily life.  You will find that there is power and pleasure in being present and notice how your experiences create reactions of pleasure or discomfort in the mind and body.

Week 4: In this class your practice will focus on expanding your field of awareness and the development of deeper concentration.  You will learn how the body and mind react to stress and explore mindful strategies for responding to stress in a proactive manner.   

Week 5: By this time you have reached the halfway point in the course and should be familiar with the foundations of mindfulness and how to apply these skills more efficiently and effectively to the stressors in your life.  You will begin to notice where you may be stuck in unhealthy patterns and begin to decondition these habits through mindful awareness.  You will also learn how to apply mindfulness when you are experiencing physical sensations and intense emotions and see the relationship between with stress reactivity in health and illness.

Week 6:  Being resilient is about ability to return to balance after stressful events.  This class will focus on coping strategies which expand your inner resources and enhance your resilience through the practice of mindfulness.  You will began to expand your practice from a focus on intrapersonal skills to applying mindfulness to relationships.  Here you will look at how to work with difficult communications when emotions are strong.   

All-Day Retreat:  The retreat is a 6 hour long intensive session that assists you in establishing the use of mindfulness skills in formal and informal mindfulness practices.  We will practice all of the meditations learned so far which will prepare you to use these methods well beyond the conclusion of the course.

Week 7: The most effective way to practice mindfulness is over the course of a lifetime, however even if you only practice during the course you will find benefits to learning about these practices.  This class will focus on ways to integrate mindfulness into your daily living.  While regular mindfulness meditation practice is important and helpful, it is just as valuable to bring a sense of mindful awareness to every aspect of your life.  This kind of non-judgmental attention will help with self-reflection and decision making.

Week 8: In the final class, you will review everything you have learned in the course and explore how to carrying the momentum you have built into the future.  You will learn about resources in the local and online community to sustain and support your practice.  This class will create a fulfilling closure to the course by honoring the end of the program and the beginning of your life after the course.

By registering for the course you are committed yourself to attend each of the nine (9) weekly sessions, the all day retreat and to practice at home for 30-45 minutes daily for the duration of the course.


I offer the 4-week Mindfulness & Stress Reduction class on a sliding scale: The fees are as follows: High Income: $350  Medium Income: $250 Low Income: $150

I want to make the MBSR class available to anyone who thinks that could benefit from practicing mindfulness regardless of income. If you think that MBSR will be helpful to you and you are committed to doing the work then I want you to be able to take the course.  The fees are as follows: High-Income $450     Medium-Income $350   Low-Income $250, If you will need to make a payment plan or would like to inquire about a sliding scale below $250 please send me a private message prior to the orientation at  No one will be turned away due to financial reasons.

The class is a complement, not a substitute, for regular medical care.

If you would like to take MBSR or my class times do not work for you please visit my friends at