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Private Meditation Sessions

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While MBSR is very effective method for learning mindfulness-meditation, some people prefer private sessions.  Maybe you want to learn how to meditate and be mindful in daily life but you have too many scheduling conflicts with travel, work and other events  to make the time commitment for the MBSR course.  These sessions are intended to help you learn and grow a sustainable mindfulness practice.  

These one hour long sessions explore the foundations of mindfulness-meditation and home practices are provided which are based in the MBSR curriculum. These sessions will help you develop a regular mindfulness-meditation practice and produce a cumulative positive effect similar to the MBSR course.  To gain the most benefit from individual session, a commitment of 8-12 sessions is recommended, however you may use individual sessions as needed  to gain insight into coping with specific stressors.  Individual mindfulness session are not therapy, but rather a way of using mindful investigation to deeper awareness, uncover resources, improve creativity, and reduce stress.

Fee: $100 per session